Classical Conditioning

The use of a stimulus that has no apparent importance which becomes significant because it predicts something will follow; triggering an involuntary action.

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Classical conditioning

Operant Conditioning

Learning that is associated between behaviour and its consequence.  As it is a response that takes the form of a voluntary behaviour, it is aimed at receiving a reward or avoiding a punishment.

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Operant conditioning


Each dog is treated as an individual and following a tailored diet plan ensures that your dog is getting the optimum benefit from its nutrition.  A dog's specific dietary needs are based around age, breeding, lifestyle and environment and diet will need adjusted accordingly.  There are six groups of nutrients; Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Water.  These groups contain the nessesary nutrients for a healthy dog and with the right balanced achieved, will also provide optimum nutritional and health benefits.

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Diet Information


The ancesters of today's domesticated dogs would have eaten the whole of their prey (including bones, organs and stomach contents). This provided them with the correct balance of nutrients which is so important for optimum health. Today, there is a close equivalent called natural feeding.  This is cost effective both in terms of "basic cost" and also "added grooming and vet costs" which can occur from preventable illness due to poor diet and more importantly gives your dog balanced nutrition for a long and happy life with you !

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Feeding Information


Each breed, or crossbreed, of dog will have its own specific set of grooming requirements.  These will primarily be based upon coat type but should also consider the dogs environment and lifestyle.  In addition to this grooming can also be called upon to help relieve symptoms of health related problems.  The information sheet below covers the basic areas to concentrate on when getting your dog used to being groomed.   

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Grooming Information 

Dog Language

Dogs use body language as a primary means of communicating with each other.  They have a clear set of messages and signals which can be easily understood by other well socialised dogs.  However, human communication focuses on using spoken language which means that the more subtle dog body language is sometimes missed.  This information sheet gives an insight into some of the basic signals and the messages they convey.

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Dog Language


There is no getting away from it seeing your own or other dogs fighting can be frightening. This information includes how to try and prevent fights from occurring in your home and while out and about with your dogs.

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Fighting Information

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