I can offer the following services for all breeds of puppy and dog.

  • 1:1 behavioural modification
Are you confident that your dog will reliably do what you want when you ask?  It makes living with your dog so much easier and also helps to keep them safe and well.  Also, with a rise in the number of people wanting to holiday with their dogs, being able to confidently say that they are 'well behaved and trained' is very useful for accessing the largest range of accommodation. 
  • temperament assessment
Have you any concerns about your dog's temperament?  Perhaps you have had an incident in your home or in public that has knocked your confidence in your pet or maybe you are thinking about or have just taken on a new dog and have some concerns?  Maybe you are pregnant or have recently had a child and you are not sure how your dog will react to this?
  • breed awareness
Pedigree dogs have been developed over many years to fulfill a specific purpose and although you may keep your dog as a pet, an awareness of its history, original purpose and breed traits can provide an essential insight into its behaviour.  Should you have a mixed breed, he or she will no doubt display a range of behaviours depending on its makeup.  As these may not match with the predominant 'look' of your dog, it can be extremely useful to have an insight into how your dog views its environment.  With breed awareness comes an awareness of health issues that are predominant in your chosen breed and the ability to become pro-active with guarding against some conditions and being able to identify others quickly.
  • conditioning responses
Assessment of current displayed behaviours and providing an understanding of how the dog responds to classical and operant conditioned behaviours and assessing capability for re-modification of unwanted behaviour.
  • counter conditioning

This is the process of reducing and eliminating unwanted behaviours using a second response to an already conditioned stimulus.  It can also be used by behaviourists as a form of desensitisation to reduce fear of certain people, objects or other dogs.  Changes are achieved by associating one or more stimuli, which trigger un-wanted behaviour in order to redirect the dog towards a wanted behaviour

  • nutritional advice
The choice of food and feeding plan may have significant life changing effects on the health and welfare of your dog.  Common complaints such as skin infections, urine infections, impacted anal glands, bad teeth or breath may all result in regular costly visits to the vet clinic and may be greatly improved or even eliminated completely by feeding a good quality suitable diet. 
  • puppy socialisation
A well socialised puppy will result in a much more well rounded dog who is more manageable throughout its whole life.  It will also mean that they are much more able to cope with whatever life brings.

My services are offered under the following contract  
My Contract  and all services come with a written report and after service (including telephone/online advice) and 2 follow-up visits a year for the life of the dog.

Once you are happy to register as a client, please complete this questionnaire 
Registration Questionnaire  as fully as possible and return it to me with the appropriate fee.

My fees are on a sliding scale with substantial discounts for rescued and traumatised dogs and an online advisory service for dog carers.

Modification PlansCostNotes

Registration Fee20 one-off charge
(10 for each additional dog)
Assessment Visit15 hrassessment hourly rate
(these usually last around two hours)
Concentrated Plan160 one-off charge
5 lots of 4 hr sessions over 2 weeks
Tailored Plan190one-off charge
20 hours over an agreed time period

Puppy & Intensive Plan
usually for puppies or dogs with more complex issues

400one-off charge
50 hours over an agreed time period
Extra Visits* 304 hour session 
*when taken following one of the 3 plans above

Training Sessions  
Care and Welfare
15 hr
hourly fee
Puppy Socialisation
Breed Awareness

10 hr

hourly fee

Behaviour Sessions   
Aggression (resource, defence, pain)15 hrhourly fee
Conformity Adjustment
(following injury / habit conditioned reflex)
12 hrhourly fee
Classical or Operant Conditioning Modification15 hrhourly fee
Clicker Training Sessions10 hrhourly fee
Intellegence & Response Test15one-off charge
Travel Costs  

45p a mile for the first 100 miles from Rugby35p a mile thereafternb: for clients who live more than 150 miles away from Rugby travel will be discussed at the initial contact.
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